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Here at HIS World, we offer several "Specialty Classes"
A "Specialty Class" is a class that covers one particular topic. It is not a regular Karate or Martial Arts class, even though some Martial Arts techniques may be taught.
Right now we offer these classes on the following topics-
Standard Self Defense- These are for men and women of all ages. It covers basic self defense, awareness, abduction prevention, and common problems.
Women's Self Defense- These classes are for ladies only, ages 13 and up. It covers specific types of attack that are most common on women (ie. sexual assault and rape). It covers how to avoid being attacked, how the predator mind works, abduction prevention, and what to do before, during and after an attack.
Children's Self Defense- A class designed for protecting children 12 and under. It covers over all safety, stranger awareness, abduction prevention, school safety,  how to handle a bully, and the difference in defending yourself from a bully and defending yourself from an adult.
Bully Prevention- This class is for all ages, as bullying occurs in all walks of life. It discusses what a bully is, how to handle a bullying situation the right way, and what to do if you are the victim of bullying.
Our Specialty Classes are usually done on a Saturday, at your place or ours. They are for groups of 10 or more (scout groups, office groups, ladies groups, etc.). So get your group together and give us a call for more information.
As always, we don't charge for these classes. We will put out our donation box out for donations, so if you can donate, you will be able to.
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