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HIS World Christian Martial Arts - Do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God
Why should I study the Martial Arts?
Studying the Martial Arts has many benefits-
   Self defense- In today's society, the need to be able to physically defend yourself is growing at an alarming rate. You should learn practical and easy to learn self defense techniques.
   Physical Fitness- The ability to perform martial arts with accuracy and power greatly increases as your body becomes more fit.
   Discipline- In order to learn martial arts, you must discipline yourself to train in your martial art and to follow instruction from your instructor.
   Humility- You learn to put others ahead of yourself. You never brag about your skills because there is always someone better.
   Confidence- As your skill progresses, you become more confident. You will learn how to make good decisions and not be afraid to act on them.
    Help with playing other sports- Because practicing martial arts helps you develop strength, speed, flexibility, endurance, and excellent hand to eye coordination, it can really help you progress in other sports that you participate in.
What are the benefits to learning Martial Arts at HIS World?
It's all about Attitude!!
  We teach a "modern" Martial Art that is based on "traditional" methods. This means that physically, our martial art system is very similar to many of the martial arts taught at other schools. Our system is based on over 30 years of Martial Arts training.
  When you break it all down, a punch is a punch, a kick is a kick, a throw is a throw. What really separates one system from another is the philosophy behind the technique. The "when and why" of a technique.
  We put as much importance on "why and when" to use a technique as we do on how to use a technique.
  Anybody can be trained to fight. We try to develop a good moral character in our students along with teaching them to defend themselves. Our philosophy for good moral character comes straight from the Word of God. There is no higher authority on when, why, and how to do something than the Word of God.
  We specialize in self defense, bully prevention, and personal development. We teach both physical and Spiritual Martial Arts.
   Since we do not charge for our classes, our students can really progress at their own pace.
Also, there is no rush to have a student test for rank since there are no testing fees.
What can I get at HIS World that I won't get at other schools?
JESUS CHRIST- We base our curriculum on Scripture, the teachings of Jesus Christ. There is no higher authority on how to live than Jesus Christ.
Final thoughts-
  If all you want out of the martial arts is to learn how to fight, or if you want a bunch of colored belts to hang on your wall, there are plenty of schools out there. If you want to learn a good, practical martial art that will teach you how to defend yourself and help you develop your walk with God, you are in the right place.
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